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9 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Vi var to som leide Chris en hel dag. Vi ønsket å lære å fiske med Tenkara teknikk i nærheten av vår hytte. Han forberedte seg godt og gav oss en opplevelsesrik dag. Målet var å kunne vite hvor fisken står, også etter at Chris har dratt. Begge ønsker å kjøpe Tenkara utstyr da det var en enkel måte å fiske med flue. Jeg kan anbefale Chris på det sterkeste, en veldig hyggelig mann som hadde mye å lære bort

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  2. Wife and I spent a week fishing around Trysil with Chris. Chris has a great guide persona and we could not be happier with our trip. We fished a variety of waters, each more beautiful than the last. Hatches were thick, fish were willing, and our cabin on the river (Chris’s recommendation) was perfect. Altogether the best overseas trip we’ve done to date. We will be back!

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  3. My friend and I spend a whole day with Chris. He is very professional and was well prepared before our arrival at Trysil river. Personally, I learnt a lot from him during the day. He got me thinking a lot about my drifts, and my nymphing technique skills improved during the day. I will definitively recommend Chris as a guide to others.

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  4. Jeg leide Chris som guide for å lære nymfeteknikk. Vi fisket en dag i Trysilelva og jeg hadde stort utbytte av dagen. Chris er en veldig hyggelig guide med stor kunnskap om fiske og jeg anbefaler ham virkelig. Det kom mange fisker opp av vannet og den største veide over 1 kg.

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  5. We spent a week in the Trysil area and were shown by Chris various beautiful spots to fish, in the Trysilselva, lakes and smaller streams. A beautiful are to fish, adventurous and diverse. Chris is a warm personality and a good guide and teacher. He convinced my wife to come along and helped here catch 5 grayling on her first fishing session ever. It shows the potential of Trysilselva and the skills of Chris. He helped me to develop my tightline nymphing from close to zero to where I was able to catch fish on my own. And he not only took care of the fishing but also for coffee and on a full day lunch as well. I highly recommend booking a trip with Chris.

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  6. I spent a full day and 3 evenings with Chris at Trysil. Chris is a first class character to guide. He is patient, fun, very knowledgable and committed to you catching fish. We fished 4 different spots either with nymphs or drys and I had my first Tenkara lesson. We tried different techniques, some I wasn’t used to. Chris then demonstrated his patience when unraveling my many tangles. We caught grayling at every session several were bigger than I’ve caught before, I learnt a lot. Thank you Chris for a great few days.

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  7. We spent 1 week in Trysil and me and my dad spent one super good day with Chris. His knowledge really made the trip. Would really recommend Chris, he has a wide knowledge and showed a complete new way for us about fishing. We shared many laugh during the day and his methods made me catch 49 big graylings in total, and also how and what to look after in the water. He also helped my father that has movement restrictions how to work around this, many thanks for that. He was super happy about that. Also very good food by chef Chris and looking forward for the next trip were I will definitely contact him once more for more tips and trix.


  8. My wife and I spent 2 days fishing different techniques from Euro nymphing to Tenkara. I basically had no experience with the Euro techniques other than my own tight line attempts. He helped me refine my drifts and got into a few grayling along the way! Spent an afternoon refining my Tenkara technique as well learning a bit more about reading the current to get the best drifts and some casting improvements. Chris has a great personality and was very enjoyable to spend a couple of days with. He was also good enough to send some techniques and info to improve my fishing skills after my trip. Will be looking to work with him in the future.


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