Fishing in Trysil

Trysil is the place where you go to if you are in for adventures and surprises!! To see all the different fishingspots that are max a half hour drive away from each other and they all have their unique landscape, charme and challenges. You can fish with the dry fly, nymphs and streamers. Trysil has litterally something to offer for the beginner as well as for the advanced fishermen!! In fact, each year the Norwegian Cup has their fly fishing competition in Trysil.

In May the first flies that are hatching on the river are the stoneflies and caddis flies. But it is not before the river has reached its normal level after the yearly spring flood that all fishing spots are accessable. Before that, fishing is a mix of nymphing and dry fly fishing. The best time starts when watertemperatures are around 12 to 13 Degrees C. Now we enter June….

June is a very exciting time, more and more mayflies are hatching, each and every fly fishermen is just waiting for that one fly that can gets the fish go crazy and make the waters boil!!! The infamous DANICA or the Green Drake. (click on the picture) This happens around the 20th of june, depending on the weather off course. Locals get in there boats to look for rising fish and fish large pieces of the river, others drive to their favorite fishingspots to wade through the river and try to sneak up on the fish. This is the marking of the period where Trysil truly is a dry fly fishers paradise!

During the end of June and during July it is THE time for dry fly enthousiasts, when the warmer weather arrives it pays off to fish with nymphs as well. During the warmer days you can fish with nymphs and in the evening, because it does not get dark before 22.00 -23.00, there is some really good dry fly fishing to be done.

August is often getting cooler but not too much and both dry fly fishing and nymphing is the way to go. but you still have the luxury to choose. It all depends on the weather but September is lurking and most people think it is not a good month because Autumn is on its way…..

Nothing is further then the truth!!! September ànd Oktober are both really good months for fly fishing!

(press the arows in the gallery below)

(click on the video to your right),

the weather is finicky, but we got clothing for that. These are the months where a raining jacket, buff, fishing gloves, warm thermo-underwear and a beany need to be on your body. But it is all worth it! Fish are starting to fatten them selves up for the up coming winter. If you are willing to fish active and change regulary between fishing techniques, the fish are very eager to bite and the bigger grayling are less shy!

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